CMFI Poland

As part of Christian Missionary Fellowship International (CMFI), we are building growing and vibrant non-denominational and multicultural churches in few towns in Poland. We are a Bible-believing, Bible-based and God-centered  church. Our goal is to make disciples for our Lord Jesus Christ, to raise a people who will obey the Lord Jesus in all things and serve Him from the overflow of their love for Him and knowledge of Him. We exist to make you a disciple of Jesus! In our services, we  come to meet God and express our love for Him, we experience Jesus, we love and serve each other, and we serve our Lord. We are an authentic community where you will be taught God’s undiluted Word, encouraged in your spiritual growth and empowered to serve. Feel encourage to visit one or more of our communities or to join us to build one in your locality.

As reaching humankind is the core of our mission, CMFI Poland has opened house churches fellowships in various parts of the country. These house churches are aimed at providing a friendly environment where individuals can be heard, encouraged and assisted in various areas of their lives, while being closer to home. Do you suffer from grief, rejection, betrayal, insecurity, anxiety, insomnia, repeated failures, oppressions, addictions or similar things? These meetings are for you! Come and live this life transforming moments with us.