CMFI Churches

The ministry of CMFI is focused on prayer, fasting and intercession, preaching the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit, win the lost to the Lord Jesus, make disciples and plant churches all over the world in an organical way. Therefore, the churches we plant are strongly related to our ministry and share the same DNA across countries, continents, cultures, which is the spiritual life that God formed in our founding leader and is being transmitted from a spiritual generation to the other.

In our ministry, we plant only one church in a given locality – the local church, which is made up of a multitude of house churches. The local churches related to CMFI are led by a plurality of leaders: the body of elders. The house churches are led by a body of 2-4 shepherds/leaders that care of the flock under their authority. House churches meet in the house of one of the shepherds or of one of the members. In a given locality, there are many house churches, only one local church, but many elders according to the New Testament pattern. Local churches are independent in all matters of government and organization, but they are all under the spiritual authority of the missionaries – the team of ministry –  that render an “apostolic ministry” to them and are the “spiritual fathers” of the elders, according to the pattern offered by Paul to the churches he planted all over the world.

No minister, no elder nor shepherd/leader is paid for their work nor receive any remuneration for hosting the church in their houses. This is NOT because we feel that such financial support is unscriptural, but because we desire to stand apart from the bad testimony that many Christian workers have had in the matter of finances. We have almost no paid workers, apart from those who are recruited by the ministry as regular employees and who work as full time workers in a specific position that takes them at least 8 hours daily, as in a regular job, which they cannot do while having any other regular job.

No reports of the work done or any appeal for finances are ever sent out anywhere outside of our ministry. All money that is received as freewill offerings or as voluntary contributions, goes directly to the work of spreading the gospel by all means, including through conferences, training, literature, and audio, video and multimedia materials, etc.