How to Receive Jesus Christ

Jesus wants to forgive your right now. He wants to write your name in the book of life  now. He loves you and has demonstrated his love or you by dying on the cross in your place. There are four things to thing about and act upon if you want to qualify to go to heaven.

I will represent them by the firs four letters of the alphabet: A, B, C and D.

ADMIT that you are a sinner. Tell God that you have personally sinned in your thoughts, words and actions Tell Him that you the responsibility for all your sins. Confess to him all the sins that you have committed and which you can remember. Confess them to Him one after the other. Turn your back to them, forsake all your sins and sinful ways. Decide that you are finished for ever with that type of life. God will not forgive you unless you are determined, with his help, to put an end to all your sins and sinful ways.

BELEVE that Jesus Christ died on the cross in your place. By believing that you are rejecting every system or philosophy that suggest that a man can be reconciled to God ad go to heaven without passing through Jesus Christ. If you truly believe that Jesus is the only way that God has given for men to enter heaven, then you will want to receive Him personally into your heart and live. You will also want to do it at once before it becomes too late, but,

CONSIDER the cost of following him. Jesus will want you to love and obey Him in everything and for all time. At any time that the demands of Jesus will contradict your own desires or the demands of any other person or persons, you will have to obey Jesus at any cost to yourself. Are you prepared to abandon your own interests daily for those of Jesus? Are you prepared to suffer and, if need be, die for Him? If you are prepared to follow Him at any cost, then you should right now.

DO something about it. Invite Jesus to come into your life as your Saviour. You can receive Him by praying as follows:

“Lord Jesus, I am a wretched, lost sinner who has sinned in thought, word and deed.  Forgive me all my sins and cleanse me.  Receive me, Saviour, and transform me into a child of God.  Come into my heart now and give me eternal life.  I will follow You at all cost, trusting Your Holy Spirit to give me all the power that I need. Amen.”

If you have receive the Lord Jesus by praying the above prayer sincerely, then He has come into your life and written your name in the book of live and you will never perish.  Follow Him at any cost.

God bless you abundantly.

Stephen & Aurelie FOMUM