Our history

CMFI started when Brother Zach came to Cameroon on the 12th of May 1975 as a missionary, with the feeling he owns Christ to all human beings. He wrote a tract entitled How to Know Jesus Christ, photocopied it in 5000 copies and evangelized at the university of Yaounde. The movement born then has grown into a megachurch in Yaounde of more than 30,000 disciples full of fire and zeal and love to preach the gospel and make disciples. These disciples are scattered all over the city in over 600 house churches that multiply dynamically. The ministry has increased to cover almost all the localities in Cameroon. From 1994, the Holy Spirit ordained them to send missionaries all over the world. At this moment, CMFI missionaries are present in over 100 nations in all the 6 continents, including most of African countries, many European countries, many states of the USA and Canada, Australia, many Muslim countries of North Africa, the Middle-East and Asia, Mexico, Brazil and many other South American countries.